Our Story

The acclaimed family foursome of Greg, Ida, Eddy & Rose Mazmanian has enthralled audiences and media alike on the West Coast and Canada for over a decade with dazzling performances of classical, folk and world repertoire, including music drawn from their own Armenian heritage. Diablo Magazine of Northern California has affectionately dubbed their music-making as “Maz-Hysteria”!

Violinist-dad Greg is a Juilliard grad and experienced soloist and teacher who has performed with the San Francisco Symphony, Opera and Ballet orchestras as well as backup musician for Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, and Tony Bennett among many others. Son, Edward, a NASA engineer, and daughter, Rose, a registered nurse, are both highly accomplished violinists in their own right, while daughter, Ida, an actuarial analyst, is an award-winning pianist!

“A rare breed that plays everything from Armenian, Spanish, and Gypsy folk music to classics such as Vivaldi’s Four Seasons!

Contra Costa Times

The Mazmanians have been featured in several Bay Area television news broadcasts and publications, and Venues where the Mazmanians have appeared include Pacific Union College, St. Mary’s College, Los Medanos College, Lesher Center for the Arts, the Sierra Chamber Society, the Northern California Heritage Festival, the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, the Bing Crosby estate in Hillsborough, Valhalla Concert Series in Lake Tahoe, benefit concerts in San Francisco, Palm Springs, Carmel, etc.

“There was no pre-set strategy! Our family ensemble has grown organically into what it is because the kids saw and heard my daily fiddle practice around the house and wanted to join in! Our debut ten years ago, a short after-dinner program, was such a hit with the audience and us that we decided to keep it going. We enjoy performing all styles of music but especially love performing folk classics that meld our classical training with the spirit and soul of our Armenian roots. We also have a passion for engaging our audiences with fun and humor and essentially bringing them into our family circle for the time we are together!”

Greg Mazmanian

In the Armenian community the Mazmanian family has performed at commemorations for numerous churches, organizations, visiting dignitaries and clergy including Catholicos Karekin ll.

Their newest CD, “Folk Spirit” , is a sequel to their first, “It’s the Mazmanians!” , and features exciting new arrangements of Armenian, Greek, Ukrainian, Hungarian, and Spanish folk tunes and dances that showcase the family’s dynamic spirit and virtuosity!